Water Treatment

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Why treat your water?
Why treat your water?

(Just a note this water heater had a salt-less alternative Style treatment system on it for it’s full life.)

Water is known as the universal solvent. It takes with it a part of everything it contacts. This is a necessary process for our Earth to exist, but it can cause serious problems in our homes and bodies.

Here is an example of a water heater installed for about 4 years on hard water. The lower element is completely coved with hard water build up in the bottom of the tank.

Water doesn’t just pick up nuisance minerals that result in hardness build up, it also picks up harmful contaminates like arsenic, nitrates, and provides a home for bacteria.

Van Dyken Drilling is not into just selling you a product, but providing you with safe and useable water using equipment backed by manufacturers we trust.

We are proud to partner with
Water Right and other quality manufacturers to provide a complete line of industry leading water treatment solutions.

Many other treatment solutions!

Arsenic, Bacteria, Sand, Sediment, Commercial, Ultra-Violet, Chlorination, and more...We do it all.