Pump Service

Your One Stop Pump Service Company

At Van Dyken Drilling, we offer new system installation and repair on water well pumps, pressure tanks, and water lines.  With our fleet of five pump service trucks you can be assured of prompt service done by trained employees with fully stocked trucks.

We take pride in doing the job right.  We use only the highest quality products available to us.  These products cost a little more but they will give you a longer lasting more dependable pump system.

When designing pump systems we use the manufacturer’s specifications to make sure the system will operate as efficiently as possible.  We will  take the time to be sure that the system meets both your current and future needs.


Van Dyken Drilling is a FloWise water pump exclusive dealer. FloWise manufacturers quality centrifugal pumps, control boxes, control panels, jet pumps, submersible pumps, and lineshaft vertical turbines that are reliable for agricultural, commercial, industrial, irrigation, municipal, pressure boosting and residential applications. Our FloWise pumps are designed on decades of proven reliable performance. Many of the other pump manufacturers are constantly changing their designs to try and make improvements but our experience has been that they rarely do and usually they go backwards on reliability.  We have a great relationship and work directly with the manufacturer to ensure we are providing our customers with the best product we can.
Our pumps carry one of the longest warranty periods in the industry at five(5) years.

Motors and VFDs
Motors and VFDs

Van Dyken Drilling installs the Pentek XE Series 4″ submersible high-thrust motors. They are built with the latest design, manufacturing and testing technology. They feature laser-welded 304L stainless steel construction, higher thrust capacities and higher efficiencies. The Pentek XE Series submersible motors incorporate “encapsulated, epoxy stator design,” and professional-grade Class F insulation provides longer life in harsh environments. Each motor is 100% factory pressure and run tested to support our quality standards.  When the system design  requires a VFD, we install the Pentair Pentek Intellidrive. It is an “Intelligent Variable Frequency Drive” that directs changes in submersible pump motor speed, responding to fluctuations in household demand.

Pressure Tanks
Pressure Tanks

At Van Dyken Drilling we install high quality Flexcon pressure tanks. Flexcon Industries is a leading manufacturer of pre-applications and is the second largest producer of diaphragm tanks in the Western Hemisphere.

We offer a variety of sizes and styles to match your specific need whether you are installing a new system or overhauling an outdated system.

Fittings & Parts
Fittings & Parts

We use only the highest quality parts when we install or renovate a system.
These parts include:

  • High quality brass fittings rather than galvanized steel fittings that will rust and corrode over time.
  • Heavy duty 250# rated Pure-Core water line which is durable and flexible to prevent underground leaks.
  • Durable and serviceable Woodford yard hydrants.
  • Stainless steel hose clamps.
  • Properly sized wire underground and down the well for proper performance.

We have years of experience installing and servicing pump systems and we do everything possible to ensure your system will last.

System Maintenance
System Maintenance

We offer annual and bi-annual system maintenance inspection plans at a discounted rate.  This can help prevent costly problems down the road.

The inspection includes:

  • Checking the pressure tank for proper pre-charge.
  • Inspecting and changing pressure switch and gauge (you only pay extra for the parts not the labor).
  • Checking the pump motor for resistance and continuity as well as proper amp draw.
  • Check for proper wire sizing.
  • Measuring the flow of your pump.
  • Checking for proper fuse or breaker size.
  • Inspecting the sanitary conditions of your well.
  • Measuring the static water level.
  • Testing for hardness of water if desired for no extra charge.
  • Bacteria water testing is also available but at an additional cost.
  • We will provide you with a written report with suggested repairs as well as system information.
System Inspection
System Inspection

We provide complete system inspections.  This service is usually for prospective home buyers or sellers.  We will completely check out the system and test pump the well for at least an hour and then provide you with a detailed report about the
condition of the system along with suggested repairs.